Born To Shine Mood Boards with Denise Van Outen

March 20, 2016 6:18 pm Published by

Born To Shine Mood Boards with tips of how I did the Hair and Make-Up





Live Show 1.

Hair: For this look i sprayed Bumble and Bumble Volumiser Spray into dry hair and re-blowdried it to give the hair a bit of body and hold at the roots. Then i simply straightened the ends with the thermal controlled COUUD9 straighteners to give the ends a poker straight sharp edge to the bob. I finished off with a gentle spray of hairspray to hold for the show.

Make-Up: I kept Denises face glowing and fresh with not too much make-up, but LEGS LEGS LEGS! I love glowing legs. It oozes sex appeal. and with legs like Denise’s, i went for it with body gloss! AMAZING!




Live Show 2:

Make-UP: We let the dress do the talking and kept the make-up soft. I love all the lipglosses from ModelCO. They have a handy little light in the cap above the brush, so when i’m on set during the breaks in the dark, i can see exactly what’s going on when i use it. PERFECT!!!

Hair: Again with this look i blowdried the hair with a bit of volumising spray for extra hold, but instead of going poker straight with the ends using the straigheners, I used the medium width CLOUD9s to gently flick the underlying layers out and then turning the top layers under to give the shape.




Live Show 3:

Hair: I sprayed the Surf Spray from BUMBLE And BUMBLE into the dry hair to start. This spray has a bit of salt water in it which helps give the hair a bit of a rougher texture which you need for this style. I then defused the hair dry to get body and volume, and then used the CLOUD9 wand and randomly picked up pieces and gave the ends a quick twist to help give definitiion and extra curl.


Make-up: I wanted to keep with the holiday skin, so i focused on the eyes this week. Loads of lovely lashes from Eylure. I love the style 110 for Denise. Not too much, but just enough to be WOW!




Live show 4

Hair : Denise has a short bob, so i used some great hair pieces from VANI-T. I clipped in a few hair extensions round the back, pulled them into a pony tail and twisted the longer pieces around into a bun and pinned into place.


Make-up : VANI-T to great foundations. They give you perfect coverage but without being too thick. Tonights Lashes are SUPERDRUG’s own. Number 21. Great for a wingged edge giving it a more glamorous feel.




Live Show 5

Hair: We went for a Nicole Richie inspired plait updo tonight. Alot of back brushing over the crown of the head to get volume, and then with some exra hair from VANI-T we intergrated some plaits through the back and brought it over the top and secured with some pins.


Make-up : Denise LOVES the Nails Inc colours! They have alot of various colours. And i love these new blinged up bottles they have! 



Hair : We kept the hair very simple today because the dress had alot going on with colours. 


Make-up : With the colours in the dress, i wanted to pick up the oranges on the eyeshadows. Suqqu do an amazing palette which i used tonight. Then i went along the inner line of the with a Blue liner from Urban Decay. The colour really stays.